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Services / Massage Therapy

Custom Swedish

Relaxation and Deep Tissue massage techniques are combined to create a custom tailored treatment addressing your individual needs.

60 / 90 min  $100 / $145  Packages available at a reduced rate

Sports Massage

Tailored for the specific needs of athletes including runners, tennis players, golfers, martial arts, and yoga. Individualized treatment plans are designed around the muscle groups used most frequently as well as any related injuries, past or present, as a result of fitness training.   

60 / 90 min  $100 / $145

Prenatal Massage

Enjoy a chance to lay face down on a specially made pregnancy table, while caring for yourself and your baby by improving circulation, reducing stress and promoting relaxation. Massage relieves the aches and pains of the changing pregnant body, reduces edema and contributes to a shorter, less painful labor. 

60 / 90 min  $100 / $145

Postnatal Massage

Labor, birth and taking care of a newborn are often emotionally and physically taxing on the body. Help to assist in the body’s natural recovery process, relax and recharge at a time when needed the most. 

60 / 90 min  $100 / $145          

Add on to your treatments...

Japanese Scalp and facial massage
Japanese face massage works on many levels at the same time. By working superficially we improve skin tone and lymph flow. By working with the musculature at a deeper level, we can affect muscle tone and general appearance. By working with the meridians, that run through the face, we can affect the balance of health in the whole body.
15 mins $25
Cooling Foot Scrub
Slough away dead skin cells, revitalize, hydrate, soothe, cool and comfort tired feet.
15 min $25
Balance the bodies vital organ systems by stimulating the reflex zones of the feet working distally to treat internally.
20 mins $45