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Services / Acupuncture

Acupuncture involves the use of very fine needles to strengthen and re-balance the body’s qi or vital energy, treating the individual as a whole, not just the symptoms of the ailment. Acupuncture also includes the use of herbs, cupping, moxibustion, Chinese dietary therapy, tui na (Chinese Medical massage therapy), and qi gong exercises providing a holistic approach to health. Chinese Medicine is a gentle and effective way to treat ailments without negative side affects.

The World Health Organization recognizes many conditions that respond to acupuncture, including those related to the following:

neurological system
musculo-skeletal system
respiratory system
gynecologic and reproductive system
digestive system
genito-urinary system

Acupuncture may also help with:

acute and chronic pain
maintaining emotional balance
stress reduction and detoxification

Acupuncture needles are only about the diameter of a human hair, resulting in very little to no discomfort. The needles are sterile and individually packaged for one-time use only.

Treatments are sixty minutes, please allow a little more time for initial consultations.

Initail Consultation 75m - 90m / $125 

Follow uo Sessions 60 min/ $100 Discounted Packages Available 

Receipts for insurance reimbursement available upon request.

Pediatric Acupuncture

Pediatric acupuncture uses various non-needle techniques to stimulate the acupuncture points and meridians. This is a non-invasive yet effective way to treat common childhood ailments including the common cold or flu, colic, allergies and more.

Initial Consultation 60 min/ $75
Follow Up Sessions 30 Min/ $45